Technology: Is This The First Robot Pop Star?

I write about robots frequently because they fascinate me. In the past few years, scientists have come a long way in bridging the gap between human beings and robots when it comes to feelings and emotions.

You know what they say… Once we start to accept robots on an emotional level, we will start seeing them as our friends. Once we start seeing them as our friends, well, you get the picture. At the rate this technology is developing, it is only a matter of time until robots are part of our everyday lives.

A robot named I-Fairy married a couple in Japan. It’s true! Some artificial intelligence researchers even say that in about 50 years from now, if a woman doesn’t find an acceptable human mate, she may consider dating a robot. This particular robot below is a good example of how fast this technology is progressing. This HRP-4 “diva-bot” is a robot singer. She has the ability to look at a human singer and read her lips to learn a song and copy facial expressions. She can create vocal sounds by watching a human’s mouth.

These newly developed algorithms are so life like! You can read more about the details here. This video below shows you what I mean. The fact that she can make the facial expressions that accompany some musical notes make her seem that much more real. This is no longer the future; it is happening now.

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