This Two-Legged Human-Like Robot Can Do Anything You Can

A couple of days ago I wrote about the first fully bionic man and it seems to have struck a chord with you guys. The fact is that while he is the robot with the most advanced technological organs, he isn’t very agile and can’t even walk. He has an exoskeleton that helps him limp his way forward. There are far more agile two-legged robots out there, but today we’re going to take a look at the world’s most human-like one called Atlas.

The Atlas project is funded by Pentagon and have also shown us updates every so often. The Atlas robot is something of a miracle, and you will understand why when you see what it is capable of now. First off, this two-legged innovation can, (without problem I might add), walk like no other robot. If we were to put skin on it, its movements are so lifelike that you would literally not be able to tell the difference between this robot and a human.

To make a two-legged robot walk has always been something that takes an enormous amount of calculations, especially in a terrain that is anything but flat. Atlas not only walks, but it can take on any terrain without falling. If you attempt to knock it over, it will simply use its entire body to stay upright and find its balance again. It’s an eerie feeling watching it tackle everything that is thrown at it, literally.

I have included another human-like robot in this article, but comparing the two is like comparing a pre-historic ape with us humans today. The pace of which two-legged human-like robots are progressing in both technology and intelligence is mind-blowing, to say the least. When you think about it, after having watched Atlas walk on a bed of rocks and having Japan’s fresh statement that we’ll have personal robots by 2025, I am now convinced that we will. There is simply no doubt in my mind that with the progression of human-like robotics, we’ll have walking androids on our street before anyone of us could even imagine it.

Atlas – Two-Legged Human-Like Robot Project

Atlas Human-Like Robot

Atlas Human-Like Robot

Atlas Human-Like Robot