The Technology That Keeps You Safe When You Gamble Online

Gambling online takes an element of trust from the user. You’re giving your money and your card details to a faceless organization that promises not to steal all your hard-earned cash. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the good, trusting people who lose every penny through a malicious attack on their life savings after entering the wrong information into the wrong website.

So how can you trust these betting and gambling websites with your future? There are technology and third-party organizations that pride themselves on the secure online environment that they help to create, especially when you play online slots for real money.

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Are Casinos Designed To Steal Money?

The first thing to understand is that online casinos are not made to steal your money. You might lose some when you sit down to play some online slots, but that’s different from malicious software taking what’s yours by force. Trusting a machine that casinos build to be faithful and unbiased when it comes to generating random outcomes like slot games or even roulette can be difficult.

However, casinos use true random number generators that produce a rapid stream of numbers that’s as close to being truly random as possible. The information that is produced is impossible to predict, which helps to keep the casino safe from fraud.

This software also runs online slots and keeps the outcome fair but also hard to predict, which creates the right conditions for both player and the casino. Companies like Gaming Labs make it their business to test these random number generator software to ensure they play fairly and honestly.

According to their website, this is done via: “Custom software written and validated through the collaborative effort of our in-house mathematicians and industry consultants since our inception in 1989. “An RNG Test Suite is applied for randomness testing. GLI also uses software to perform certain calculations, estimations, and graphical plotting with the data used during the evaluation.”

Check For A License

One of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe from fraud is to check for a license. Any decent online casino will be fully licensed, and they’ll display their license information in a clear and obvious fashion. Most will list this information at the foot of their website and on an ‘about us’ page. The Malta Gaming Authority is a well-known regulator, and it aims to:

“Regulate competently the various sectors of the gaming industry that fall under the Authority by ensuring gaming is fair and transparent to the players, preventing crime, corruption and money laundering and by protecting minor and vulnerable players.”  You can also search for a licensee on their website to ensure the website you’re playing on is covered by their regulations, although the information should be there for you to access easily.

Check Your RTP

All reputable casinos will display their return to player rate (RTP). This is how much money is paid back to players over time, and most online slots have an RTP at 90% or more. Games with 95% and above are the ones you should be playing on the most because these are the games that payout more often to gamers.

It also shows that these casinos aren’t trying to rob people, and they aren’t trying to cheat people out of their money. You should also check your game volatility. Low volatility means the game pays out little, but often, high volatility means it pays out big but less frequently.

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