The Technology Of Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping. There are many reasons why this happens, and there are not many people who know how to solve this problem. Some of them got the help of tech – they use free apps to fall asleep, or they choose to buy a high-end smart mattress.

We’ve written this article to show you some of the latest gadgets to get you your best sleep each and every night.

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Build A Smart Bedroom

When you look at people in the morning, you see that most of them are like zombies. They’re all crawling around looking for coffee to get through the day. Let’s not even mention the dark circles that make them look like cute pandas.

Leaving the joke aside, sleep deprivation is a real issue. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll encounter issues with your cognitive skills, and you’re also putting your health in danger: you can get diabetes, weight gain or loss or depression.

A study showed that more than a third of the American adults don’t get the 8-hour good night sleep, as it is recommended.

Some studies have shown that smartphones are to blame, because of their blue light that’s keeping people awake. Nowadays, people have found out ways to get the opposite effect of that.

You Can Track Your Sleep

Fitness trackers are so popular nowadays, they can track the heart rate and your steps, but tracking sleep is something that people should do as well with their fitness bracelets. You should, however, keep in mind that they don’t really do anything to help you sleep better. But they will give you some additional information about your sleeping patterns – this is the best thing to do when it comes to recognizing your problem, then fixing it.

There are some bracelets that have it all – they will track your sleep stages – light, deep, and awake. They can even give you full insight for a month and will compare your sleeping patterns with others like you, based on your age and gender. However, you might want to ask yourself how comfortable is to sleep with one of them in your hand.

If you want the best results, you should go for a tracker that has a continuous heart rate monitor. Smartwatches, for example, are a good gadget to track your sleep, but the problem is that the life of the battery is generally short, so they can’t really be used at night.

Get A Smart Mattress

Smart bedding is one new device that might be able to help. Let’s see what’s the difference between a smart mattress and a normal one.

First,  they have sensors that will measure your respiration, heart rate, and movement. They can also track your snoring.  It really depends on your sleep patterns and your preferences, but they can adjust softness and firmness – they can even elevate your head so you’d stop snoring. Some can warm your feet or warm only one side of the bed. And that’s not all; some even have a full-body massage and chromotherapy light (this is also known as color therapy).  Read Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides to find the one that suits you best.

Some come with a companion app – here you can see all the data you need for your sleep and will give you a score based on the quality of your sleep. It’s like a fitness bracelet (so it won’t help you sleep better), but it will show you if there’s a problem.

It sounds amazing. However, there’s a problem – it can cost you a lot. The price ranges from $2,800 to even $20,000. So this might just be outside your budget, there are other things that can help you.

For instance, a thin sleep pad can be placed under your mattress. It will track your movement, heart rate, and respiration. Others can be placed on your nightstand and can, besides tracking your sleep, track the ambient light and the environmental temperature and run much lower in price.

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