Lullaby Sleep Tracker Monitors Your Bedroom & What Disturbs Your Sleep

Almost everyone I know has trouble sleeping, including myself. We try to use whatever body hack we can find to push ourselves to the limit of what our bodies can take each day, and as a result, we often end up sick, irritable and overall unhealthy. It’s a vicious cycle that is hard to break, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who is working on something you are passionate about. Sleep trackers have become trendy as we all try to improve the little bit of sleep that we do manage to get each night.

These days, sleep tracker apps can track almost all aspects of our sleep. I even read about an alarm clock app the other day which wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep, which makes for a much more pleasant morning. Since that cycle changes throughout the night, that could mean getting up at 5:00am or 7:30am instead of 7:00am for example.

Today I’d like to share with you a different kind of sleep tracker. The Lullaby not only tracks your sleep, but it also tracks the things going on in your bedroom at night. This includes the light coming into the room, the temperature of the room, the noise in the house, background noise, etc. It then tracks your sleep pattern in accordance to these things. In other words, it will tell you what exactly is causing your sleep to get disturbed. That is of course if your sleep is being interrupted by environmental factors. If your sleep is being disturbed by the alcohol you drank or something like that, The Lullaby won’t be able to detect it.

There is a very busy nightclub here in Atlanta that is right down the street from my house. I often wake up to the sound of the music, people walking down the street and the vibration of the bass. I’m sure if I had The Lullaby, it would pick that up instantly. This is no doubt the ultimate sleep tracker. You can read more about this on MIT Technology Review and Quantified Self.

The Lullaby Sleep Tracker



Via: [MIT Technology Review] Image Credit: [Lifehacker]