Why Technology Is The Way Forward In The Security Industry

The image of a night-watchman strolling through an office building at night, his torch on, looking for intruders or investigating strange noises is quite iconic. But the reality is that it is an anachronism, a thing of the past that is almost completely redundant. The same applies to security guards and armed patrols.

While these elements all serve to act as a visual deterrent, their presence designed to stop any people with ill intentions from taking advantages of opportunities that present themselves, they are all very old-school and rapidly being passed by in favor of technological solutions that are both more efficient, less corruptible and more cost-effective. Here are some examples of how technology is taking over the security industry.

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Access Control

Not too long ago, access to buildings or vaults or any secure space was controlled by people at a desk. There was an expectation that you signed in and out and perhaps there was a search conducted upon arrival and departure. Now however this can all be done with technology.

From facial recognition software through to retinal scanning or fingerprint access companies that offer professional security technology services will be able to set up an access control system for you that is efficient and simple, and which will send a message to any visitors that your company is modern and technologically savvy.

What Are We Protecting

Not too long ago the most important assets that required protection were physically present at a location. In more recent times however the most valuable assets that many businesses own are data-based. Huge amounts of customer data, financial information and records are all stored on servers and online.

These are assets that are impossible to protect with old-school security guards and technological solutions must be deployed to prevent hackers from wreaking havoc. Things like firewalls and virus protection need to be installed and maintained, usually the domain of the IT department – who in many instances are the most important security people in a modern business.


It is quite amazing what cameras can do. Not too long ago the idea of cameras in a workplace created the vision of big brother watching the whole time. It was frowned upon. More recently though cameras have become widely accepted in the workplace, partly because of their ubiquity in the world at large.

The reality is that in almost any urban setting there are cameras at intersections, in shops, public parks and on the streets. It is only at home that you are not being watched. But there is also the realization that these cameras are not there to spy, they are there to protect. For the most part, the cameras are not even monitored by humans – there are simply far too many screens and cameras for this to be possible.

Instead, they are monitored by artificial intelligence software that is programmed to recognize certain behaviors or actions and to flag them. Not only do cameras serve to act as deterrents, they are also able to produce compelling witness evidence in the event that a person is caught or detained.

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