The Technology Behind The World’s Best Coffee Grinders

Making something from scratch is not just limited to baking and cooking. More and more people see the value in making things fresh. Any way a person can make something healthier and tastier they are willing to go the extra mile. This is especially true today as more and more people recognize the importance of fresh ingredients. This is true for coffee too. Fresh ground coffee without fillers and additives is what people want in their cups. If you want to start grinding your own beans you need to know there are some things to consider when it comes to selecting the best grinder for that ultimate coffee fix. Read on to learn more about the true technology that goes into coffee grinders that allow them to deliver that cup of Joe that keeps you going all day.

Believe it or not, all grinders are not made the same. Based on the bean size, the equipment you use produces a different taste in coffee. A bag of freshly roasted coffee beans placed in a blade grinder versus a drip machine delivers different tastes. Using a standard coffee maker and a pre-ground coffee from the local grocery store has about the same taste.

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Blade Or Burr Grinders?

The two most popular types of grinders are blade and burr grinders. Often blades do not grind the beans down to the same size. The particles are different sizes. This results in not knowing just how blended your brewed coffee will be. This is a drawback, but blade grinders are more affordable. However, if you want a better balance cup of coffee you want to check out the various versions of best home burr grinders. These vary in price so you can select the one most affordable for you.

Burr grinders work using serrated pieces of metal that is placed at a certain angle or distance from each other to crush and rotate beans down to the exact size you want. This is how to make your coffee taste more like how you want, by controlling the size of the beans and how uniformly they each are.

Conical Or Flat Burrs?

Since they both perform the same for the most part, brewers can expect Flat burrs which come with parallel rings and a space where the beans are turned into coffee grounds. The Conical burrs uses a ring cone shape that grinds beans down to the perfect size. It is a matter of preference between the two grinder functions, but the taste is pretty similar.

The Grind Has It

With each cup of coffee brewed, it is all about the grind. With today’s technology, some grinders know just how much to measure so your cup of Java is perfect every time. These are more high-end burr grinders. With these grinders, you choose how you want your beans; coarse or fine. Based on your brewing technique determines the best type of grind for brewing.

The Right Type

Based on your taste buds, the size of the coffee beans matter. Remember these tips when selecting bean size.

  • Coarse is considered best for cold brew because the beans are bigger like salt particles.
  • Medium is slightly smaller and great for drip coffee.
  • Fine is almost powder form. This makes it a silky texture that works great in espresso machines.
  • Turkish is top shelf for your finest grinding. The grains are ground so well you cannot see them.

Burr grinders are the best you can invest in. If you want to achieve that perfect cup of fresh ground coffee then burr grinders are a must so you can create and make the most out of every bean.

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