Tweeting & Texting Cooking Apron Alerts You When Lunch Is Ready

There are so many things I like about this cooking apron that I don’t even know where to start. Kitchens in offices are nothing new, but having a communal lunch experience in the office is not as common. Most people run out to do errands or have lunch with friends during their lunch breaks, but what if everyone ate lunch together in the office? For those people who have coworkers they don’t like socializing with, the thought of spending even more time during lunch with those people might seem horrible. However, if you happen to like the people you work with, think of the possibilities.

You could even take it one step further and instead of ordering take-out, the people in the office who like to cook could go on a rotating schedule for making lunch for everyone. I love to cook, and if I worked in an office like that, I would definitely want to be on that schedule. Here is where this smart cooking apron comes into the mix.

This apron is coded to know when you start cooking and when you are finished cooking based on when you put it on and off (this is through the magnetic fastener on the back of the apron itself). When you put it on, it will send a text or tweet to those in the office and alert them that you’ve started making lunch. When you take your apron off, it will send them another text or tweet that says you are finished making lunch. When they get the second text or tweet, they will know to wrap things up at their desks and head to the kitchen.

Using this cooking apron would be a fast and efficient way to alert everyone in the office about the exact office lunch schedule. People wouldn’t waste valuable work time lurking around the kitchen to see if you’re finished yet. You can see the diagram of this cooking apron below, which also shows how the clasp signal works. This is all a concept idea conceived by the imaginative people at Smart Design’s Interaction Lab. I don’t know if it would ever become a real thing, but if it did, I could totally get into it.

This Cooking Apron Sends Tweets & Texts At Lunchtime




Via: [Design Taxi]