Television Mounted In Sliding Door Is Cleverness Defined

Compact living is becoming a trend, and a lot of people try to lower their costs by moving to something smaller. Some people have a knack for creating that extra compact living lifestyle. We have presented quite a few of these people here on Bit Rebels through the years. Today we are going to present you another ingenious solution that might come in handy for you as well. This time around it is a television that is being tucked away in a pretty unusual way.

Youtuber Frank Gombault has created probably the ultimate way to tuck away a television. [pullquote]By putting it inside a sliding door and adding a few hinges, the television can be completely hidden away.[/pullquote] However, that is not the end of the features he’s been able to implement. The TV can be swiveled into position while the door is almost entirely tucked away leaving room to still walk through the doorway. On top of that, the television can be pushed through the sliding door to the other side into another room. That way Frank can have his dinner while still watching the telly.

If you ask me, I think this is the most amazing lifehack I have seen in quite a while. The usefulness and the compact living features this installment incorporates are astounding, and I want one just like it.

No doubt must it have taken quite a while to work out the position and placements of everything. Not to mention the precise cutting of the sliding door and doorpost themselves. Check out the video and you can see for yourself why this should be considered the lifehack of the year. Total cleverness!

I have seen some comments say it is most likely placed too low, but to my eye, it’s absolutely fine. What do you think? Is the television mounted too low? Let us know in the comment section below.

Television In Sliding Door – Cleverness Defined

Television Sliding Door Mount

Television Sliding Door Mount