Tesla Going The Distance To Provide New Models

Elon Musk has certainly been in the news recently, getting himself fully immersed in the task of rescuing the children who were trapped in a cave. However, his company Tesla hasn’t had the same spotlight, which is actually a shame.

Motoring sites like Jennings Motor Group are well aware of the good work that Tesla have done, and their attempts to provide people with an affordable and acceptable electric car. However, what no one predicted is that Tesla would really go the absolute distance in order to make sure that people got the electric cars they were promised.

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So, What’s Been Going On?

To begin with, you should understand that Tesla has been experiencing some issues with their newest model of electric car, the Model 3. They’ve got all these brand new models which are ready to be used, but then they also don’t have a way of delivering the vehicles to people. This may present a challenge for some, but Tesla has decided that they’re just going to deliver them straight from the factory to their new owners.

And this instance, they’re absolutely fine with sending out Elon Musk himself, who’s personally delivered more than one model in his time. Their method involves having several trailers ready to collect the vehicle fresh from the factory and bring it directly to the new owners. The range of this option is limited to around the main production factory, but you can’t argue that it’s a pretty innovative way to get around a lack of a distributor.

Spreading Electric Cars

This may strike some as being inefficient. However, this kind of attitude does represent a growing change in the electric car industry. It’s no secret that electric cars are developing. However, they’re still not commonplace. Sure, you might see one or two, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got entire towns and villages full of them just yet.

However, this can do attitude of Tesla shows that they’re starting to get more common. It would be fantastic to see more electric cars on the roads – they’re a better choice for environmental driving after all. Mr. Musk has long been pushing the boundaries, so it’s nice to see him leading the charge when it comes to electric cars.

Overall, this new approach by Tesla is definitely one of the more interesting that we’ve seen and should help to pave the way for a new kind of car in commercial use. All credit is due to Elon Musk for making sure that the vehicles get to their arranged owners on time. It’s good that people are getting the vehicles they want because there should be more electric cars in the world.

The hope is that Elon Musk will continue to produce these great vehicles and keep distributing them to the world, which will in turn help to reduce the damage done to the environment and also provide a more sustainable way to drive. The electric car is definitely a new way to drive, and a more advanced one at that, but Tesla need to get a more efficient delivery method sorted.

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