This Sleek And Futuristic Tesla T1 Concept Car Is Driven On Air

Is it a spaceship? Is it a robot? No, in fact, it is just a car! Although the high-tech exteriors of this stunning Tesla racing car are completely drool-worthy, it is the technology that goes into running the car that will blow your mind. This Tesla T1 Concept has been designed for the electric Le Mans races of the future, and indeed, futuristic is one word that defines it perfectly. What makes this sleek automobile even more remarkable is the fact that it owes its speed to air. Welcome to a new era of renewable energy!

[pullquote]Designer Omar Alfarra Zendah seems to have poured his heart and brains into the design of this spectacular vehicle.[/pullquote] The wheels are designed based on the principles of the Gorlov wind turbine, which basically means that they can channel air from all angles.

Each wheel has a turbine attached to it, which canalizes the air that is then forced into a central turbine receiving the air streams from all the wheels. In this turbine located at the rear, the streams combine and are collectively pushed out. This creates an enormous force, which works with the electric drive to provide unparalleled acceleration to the vehicle.

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The physics sounds complicated but more speed definitely means more fun! Also, nothing can be better than the fact that this fascinating car relies on a renewable source of energy for its performance. The streamlined shape of the automobile gives it the appearance of a metallic bird, which is befitting considering that both rely on the wind to fly. This might be an inaccurate comparison in terms of the science involved but it sounds poetic, doesn’t it?

[pullquote]It is predicted that by 2030, the 24 Hours of Le Mans race will be a battleground for all-electric racing cars.[/pullquote] This vision is what inspired the design of this Tesla T1 concept and it seems like a very promising contender indeed.

By that time, in all probability, all manufacturing activities will be carried out with the help of 3D printing.

The designers have therefore envisioned 3D printed parts made out of high strength materials such as Magnesium and Aerogel. The Titanium pistons and Graphene tires sound great but the wind turbine mechanism is most definitely the star of this show.

Experts have foretold that the tracks of the electric Le Mans race will have inductive charging strips to offer some juice to the cars as they zoom through. It will be interesting to see this Tesla T1 concept racing car in action on the tracks that sound so fancy. It seems like soon a degree in Physics will be mandatory to be able to understand the nuances of car racing. Although the adrenaline rush of the game still remains, but the science is getting fancier by the minute. Not that we are complaining, but a manual for the fans of racing cars would be highly appreciated. This intriguing racing car makes matters way more complex than simple gears and brakes; the power of science is surely spreading its wings. At this rate, we might live to see the day when man sets foot on Jupiter!

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This Sleek Futuristic Tesla T1 Concept Car Is Driven On Air

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