The 7 Types Of iPhone Owners [Infographic]

As with everything, there is a difference in how we use our gadgets. Everyone can’t be doing the exact same thing or the App Store, for example, would be kind of pointless. If everyone bought the very same applications, developers wouldn’t need to bother making a billion different ones, right? But, being different doesn’t mean being odd in this case, not at all actually. It just means you have your own approach to things and that you have found your own way of doing things. This is particularly evident when looking at how we use the iPhone for example. There are several different kind of users actually.

To be more specific, there are 7 different kind of users that span from the fanboy to the complainer. Yeah, there are a wide range of personalities that this study, conducted by AllAreaCodes, has found. It shows how we are all using the iPhone differently, just like Apple wants us to do. The real question is, which one are you? You don’t have to look too deep inside yourself to know, and I think to be honest with yourself is the best option here.

It would suck to think you are a certain kind of user only to be told that you are a complainer for example. Well, maybe things aren’t that bad, but search within yourself, and you’ll know what I mean. Dang, I just sounded like Yoda, didn’t I? Hmm… Alright, have a look at this infographic and decide. If you have the time and energy, please share your findings with us and the rest of the Bit Rebels readers so we’ll know which kind of user or owner you are. Which one I am? Well, I think I would have to call the fanboy alternative… even though I am sure some people would say I am a different one.

7 Types Of Iphone Owners

Via: [Daily Infographic]