The Airpiano – A New Instrument Is Born!

You’ve done it, admit it. We’ve all played our air guitars, drums and pianos at one time in our life. To this day, there is nothing that gets me through an Atlanta traffic jam like some serious air guitar on the steering wheel with classic Def Leppard blaring.

One air piano player, who is obviously much more sophisticated than me, has created a real life airpiano that actually plays music! Designer Omer Yosha made this revolutionary new instrument.

According to gearjunkies, “The airpiano is a new musical interface which allows playing and controlling software instruments by moving hands in the air.” Once this is hooked up to the computer, each of the eight sensors can play three notes or one vertical fader. The demonstrations in the videos below are very impressive. Too bad this is only a prototype at the moment. You can check the official website for periodic updates about when this will be available for sale.

[via gearjunkies, gizmag]