The Animated History Of The iPhone [Video Infographic]

The ongoing talk about the iPhone is probably divided into two camps. Some people are for it, and some are against it. Ever since this groundbreaking new smartphone was announced and launched, people have been arguing about whether it is actually the best one, the first one or even the most successful one. What we know for sure is that the iPhone, no matter what generation it is, is a massively popular smartphone. It’s been sold in ridiculous amounts, and with the recent news that the iPhone 4S sold 4 million smartphones in its 3 first days of release, you can’t help but agree that it is a hot gadget for people to own.

However, the history of the iPhone and who was involved in its design and packaging is probably not everyone’s common knowledge. With a new video infographic, or should I say animated infographic, the CNET UK guys want to change all that. It is a jam packed video that many times requires you to pause it in order to be able to read ALL the information on the screen before it moves to the next focus point.

After watching it the first time, I was a little confused because of the speed of the thing. After the second time around though, the information sunk in a bit, and I actually started taking in all the information shared. There is some really interesting stuff relayed in this animated infographic that I think everyone who is actively using an iPhone will find useful. It never hurts knowing where your favorite gadget comes from and getting a good look at its origins. Also, since everyone is talking about infographics taking over the blogs and that it is a lazy way of blogging, this might be the next level of infographics. For us here at Bit Rebels though, we always analyze and write an article about them instead of just posting them straight up hoping that that will bring another perspective to things. As always, enjoy the history tour!

The Animated iPhone History Video