The Book Printer: A Traveler’s Dream For Mobile Devices

The choices, when it comes to mobile printers, aren’t exactly unlimited.  I could probably count the ones that we could really call mobile on one hand.  However, the market is wide open, and that’s exactly where many industrial designers are now investing their brain cells.  In order to come up with the ultimate printer, there are a few things to think about to make the customers happy.  It should not just be for computers, it should be able to connect to any mobile device that is compatible with printing documents.  It should also be small and convenient enough take with us.  The most important feature really is that it be able to print A4, or close, if possible.

The Book Printer from the industrial designers at Moonhwan Park (SADI) have thought about all of these features and put together a truly amazing little piece of technology that most people I know will find really usable.  It’s a bluetooth printer that comes in the form of a small book.  The design looks like something Apple would put on the market, and the real name for it is really just “Book.”

I can find several important situations when this little badboy would come in handy.  Imagine, for a second, that you need to put some finishing touches on a contract or a design.  Maybe you need to change some last minute statistics for your presentation at work.  Wouldn’t it be perfect to bust out one of these and just make the changes instead of coming up with all kinds of excuses?  I am really looking forward to this one hitting the market.

Mobile Device Book Printer Views

Closeup View Of Book Printer

Front View Of Book Printer

Open View Of Book Printer