The Growth Of Mobile & Internet Video Consumption [Infographic]

As the popularity of smartphones and tablets increases and the number of mobile data users climbs, more and more people are watching videos in a variety of places. In fact, since the beginning of 2011, viewership via the mobile phone has increased by 35.7%. Audiences are no longer having to tune into a television channel to catch the next episode, video websites such as YouTube, Hulu and Vevo are the normality.

With overall media usage increasing, many cable providers are attempting to supply greater opportunities for users to connect and interact with mobile video services. For example, HBO Go allows HBO subscribers to access their favorite TV shows, movies and sports broadcasts via any device with an Internet connection. This feature has been so popular that people are actually petitioning for HBO Go to become available for people without cable.

Here’s an infographic created by Direct SAT TV, titled The Rise of Mobile & Internet Video Watching, to give you an idea of just how animated users are getting about wireless streaming via their various devices. It contains data collected by Nielsen about video viewership on the Internet and phones, discussing stats such as the percentage of video consumption by age and the top video websites by unique user visits.

Notice the huge increase in video viewership on the Internet and phones after the span of only one year. It seems like mobile video consumption is a growing trend that is quickly having an impact on our television viewing habits. Take a look and let us know how you feel about the theory of mobile video consumption killing off the television set. Do you think your coveted 55″ LED flatscreen will become extinct?

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 rise of mobile second one

Via: [Direct SAT TV]