The Hoverbike Is A Reality

Slowly the technologies of tomorrow are being rolled out into the ever changing society that we live in. No longer are we talking about the small achievements or small gadgets that we can carry along in our pockets. Nope, we’re talking about the real technology that will change the very look of our world. We have long heard about hovercrafts that are supposedly going to change how we travel to our destinations. However, as long as we have heard about it, the technology has not been available for a safe enough prototype to be developed. Until now that is. The steps towards a freely hovering, all flying craft, is of course some time away, but with baby steps we are going to get there.

An inventor named Chris Malloy from Australia thinks he has the best shot at bringing us the coolest gadget of the year since he invented the first working Hoverbike. It’s a prototype that is supposed to be capable of flying at speeds of 172 mph and hover at a height of 10,000 feet. However, even though those specifications are in line for the model, the hovercraft has only been tested at quite modest heights and speeds. As a matter of fact, the craft has only been tested while anchored to the ground, but it was able to hover with a person on it which makes this whole idea quite awesome in my honest opinion.

Imagine a day when you will have the opportunity to jump on that badboy and just drive/fly to work like a trooper and never miss the morning meeting. With technology provided by the auto industry, the crafts will probably be able to detect a collision before it happens. Then the only thing left to prove before a commercial release would be possible is the bike’s abilities. I am really excited about this thing since it has such cool potential in so many ways, not to mention the awesomeness of the whole concept itself. We all want a Hoverbike, right?

Hoverbike First Real Working Version

Hoverbike First Real Working Version

Via: [Walyou]