The Hybrid Car Of The Future: You Better Buckle Up!

The future is getting ever closer, and the ideas about how we should serve the world instead of the world serving us are always evolving. We’re constantly trying to improve our world by making sure we don’t use too many pollutive solutions. However, we always end up in a paradox between comfort-ability and usability. The easy access and the way we are used to do things must not be changed. We’re too lazy to learn new ways.

There’s an easy way, and that’s getting a hybrid car that allows you to still do everything just how you are used to doing them. Usually hybrid cars are boring and dull, and they look just like your average family car, but not anymore. If designer Filip Tejszerski could choose, we’d have a whole new line of hybrid cars awaiting us, and they would be everything but dull and boring.

The design he thought up reminds me of a formula one car and a street car on steroids. The lines and the aggressive look should speak to any buyer if put beside a Volkswagen for example. Who wouldn’t go for a speedster instead of a… uh… snailster if you really had the choice? Don’t expect it to be cheap. Even though this is a concept design rendering, it still looks exclusive, luxurious and really expensive.