The iPad & iPhone Walking Robots – A Cute Robot Family

This totally belongs on Bit Rebels. It’s just so cute, like a little family of Apple robots. You’ve seen the iPhone walking robot before, right? If not, I put the original video from 2008 below.

Well, now she has a big brother, and I mean much bigger. Introducing, the iPad walking robot. They are both so precious, I just wanna squeeze their cheeks… err… screens… err… whatever.

Their big happy eyes only add to their charm. Oh, and they don’t really walk, it’s more like a side-to-side hobble wobble. It kinda reminds me of E.T. Kazu Terasaki, you’ve outdone yourself once again. If you want to make your own cute and cuddly iPad robot to snuggle with, simply take the same instructions in the iPhone video below and apply them to the iPad. I love this!

[via robots-dreams, geeky-gadgets]