The Most Exciting Tech Developments Of 2019

Many believe 2019 was not a good year for many reasons. However, it was an important one in terms of politics, health, and technology. Below are some of the most impressive technological advancements that were made over the last year that show just how productive the scientific community was despite the disturbances caused by international politics.

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Robot Dexterity Improvements Through Machine Learning

One of the main uses of robotics is in manufacturing production lines. Although these robots can be programmed very accurately, one small accidental change of positioning on the production line can bring the whole process to a standstill and cost companies.

However, robot technology is progressing through machine learning. Now, robots can learn to adjust their movements to improve techniques and allow for great flexibility through trial and error.

One project involves a robot named Dactyl, which is now capable of flipping a toy block in its figures. Through reinforcement learning, Dactyl’s neural-network software learns how to hold and turn the block in a simulated environment through trial and error before trying it out for real.

3D Printing Advancements In Flexibility

3D printing has seen some rapid improvements to precision and flexibility, with new printing techniques happening all the time. The process is not easier than ever for companies to use thanks to simple and time-efficient processes like sls rapid prototyping for small prototype design orders and other online 3d printing order options.

In addition, it is now possible to print 3D designs in a whole range of materials including plastic, metal, alloys, and – most recently – glass. With all this on offer, we are sure to see some surprising designs implemented for a whole range of industries and uses.

Advances In Nuclear Fusion And Fission Reactor Technology

The latest advancements in nuclear power are set to make these promising energy sources safer and cheaper and revolutionize energy production across the world. Firstly, generation IV fission reactors offer small reactor designs that are progressing towards supplying the whole grid. The benefit of these smaller designs means that they can save money and reduce their harmful environmental impact as well as a limited financial risk.

In terms of fusion technology, there have also been some important achievements made, although there is still a long way to go. However, as these reactors don’t create long-lasting nuclear waste, it is likely to inspire more support from environmental organizations and reap the rewards of research funding and incentives.

As you can see, 2019 was a good year for advancements in technology. Let’s hope we will see equally exciting developments throughout 2020 and beyond. For the industries mentioned above, we can expect to see steady progress towards smarter, greener, and more efficient futures.

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