The New Light Bulb Needs No Electricity To Light Up

It’s been a while since I have visited this realm of electricity and how we can potentially make an environmental difference, so I thought I would dig up something worthwhile to share with you. I really think I found something quite interesting to tell you about. I remember reporting about a new kind of candle a while back (Chain Reaction Candle) that had some rather unique and quite cool features. This time around I will visit a realm I’ve never written about before.

Designer Helbert Ferreira and Remi Melander at System Design Studio have come up with something that will make your living room so much cooler. If you think you’ve seen it all, you are definitely wrong.

They have come up with a light bulb that doesn’t need any electricity to light up the room. Nope, it is actually lit by using the ancient old fire technique. And as if that wasn’t enough, you just screw it in and light it. Nothing else to it really. No bills, no blackouts and definitely very environmental friendly and also quite good for people that are allergic to electricity.

It’s not, however, a real candle even though it made out of wax. The interior of the light bulb candle is made out of wax, but the outer shell will withstand the heat from the burning candle and only melt the inside wax. It’s particularly cool as you can screw it in to any standard socket that you have around your house. Even though it doesn’t give that high and intense light as your ordinary light bulb, it truly blesses the room with a graceful shimmer that is sure to be enough for parties or when you are watching TV for example. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your bulbs are lit and there will be no bills to take care of at the end of the month? Just awesomeness I think!