The Next Gen Remote Control Is All About Gestures And Touch

I am not exactly an expert on remote controls since I hardly watch anything other than the Discovery channel on TV. I am not much of a series person. In my opinion, the time spent watching those programs is better spent in front of the computer working on exciting projects. I am, after all, a workaholic and that isn’t exactly easy to cure. However, to get back to the remote control once again… it has been with us for quite some time, and in various designs I might add.

Remember when a remote control had a cord attached to it? Me neither. That was way before my time, but I assure you, there was one. Next came the infra red control that we still have to some extent today. It’s quite boring if you think about it, isn’t it? So you might wonder when a new breed of remote controls will hit the stores. It might actually be sooner than you think.

LUNAR Europe has designed and developed something that will probably rival all else. It’s a remote control that is entirely dedicated to the gentle touch of your fingers. It works similar to the Apple touch mouse. It can determine hand gestures, taps and will deliver a totally different kind of feel and experience in front of the television. You might wonder how you determine where on the remote the channels are, I do too. I guess the user interface is way more developed than to just have pre-set locations for channels. Today pretty much everyone has over 200 channels, so a numeral pad is no longer needed I presume. The technology behind this new and daring design is IDENT Technology AGZINOSIGN®. What do you think, hit or fail?