The Odd Search Results of Google

It’s quite clear that Google is the one search engine on the Internet that has had the most successful introductions of new and unique features. Few other search engines can match up to its ever changing online feature landscape. Some have even been talking about another “Monopoly” case just because Google keeps on taken new market shares from pretty much every other Online business it seems. However, I myself finds it quite convenient to have everything at one place. But then again, competition is always good as it always ensures that the Internet never stops developing.

There are many features that people probably don’t know about when it comes to features. All built straight into their search engine. For example, did you know that Google knows the to life, the universe and everything? Well, if you do a search using the term “What is the answer to life the universe and everything” Google knows the answer is 42. Yup, the secret to everything is 42. Not bad huh!

And did you know you can use Google as a calculator? If you try and do a search for “4 + 5” Google will directly prompt you with the correct answer of 9. So, if you ever need to do a quick calculation of something just do a search on Google with your equation and you’ll get the answer straight away!

These are just a few things you can do with Google. Check out this video from Chris Pirillo and you’ll see that there are things you didn’t even know you could do with Google. As always, your creativity is the limit. Keep inventing and never stop thinking. Enjoy!