The Pedal Powered Home: Post Apocalyptic Appliances

I sometimes wonder what would happen if all the theories about a solar flair being so strong that it actually wiped out all the technology on earth came true. What would become of our society, and how would we cope with the mess of a data powered world when there’s no longer any electricity around to power the machines holding it?

There’s no doubt we would be stopped right in our tracks. I think we’d have to wait on the governments to sort their stuff out before anything else would happen. We saw their unprepared actions during Katrina and the Tsunami in Asia. Thousands of people died, and it took the governments sometimes weeks to even respond to the crisis. Of course, that’s not acceptable, and I can only hope that if it happens again, God forbid, they would be prepared.

Maybe we should pay Magnificent Revolution a bit of attention and check out their post apocalyptic gear that might just save our daily butts whenever we find ourselves in the midst of a world wide crisis.  For an exhibition, they created several cool and recycled gadgets that actually work from appliances that wouldn’t work without electricity.

How about a washing machine powered by pedals and with a water reservoir in the form of a water bottle on top of the machine?  It’s all working together in wonderful harmony.  Of course, you will need to oil the chain every once in a while otherwise the sound might not be so wonderful after all.  Or, how about a blender also powered by pedals?  Well, no wonder it’s all about pedals since the exhibition is called “The Pedal Powered Home.”  It clearly showcases the awesomeness of recycled innovations.

Pedal Powered Bar Stool Concept

Pedal Powered Lawn Mower Concept

Pedal Powered Blender Concept Gadget

Pedal Powered Washing Machine Concept