The Romantic Love Story Between G-Male & Siri [Humor]

I’ve seen a lot of romance parodies between devices and gadgets over the years, and this one is without a doubt one of the best ones yet. Now that YouTube is allowing anyone to monetize their video content, the bar has definitely been raised when it comes to being witty and creative. I think we will start seeing a lot of people putting a lot more effort into the videos they post on YouTube.

And as we’ve learned from the family who made $158,000 so far from a one-minute video, better video content doesn’t mean longer video content. Probably the opposite is true. But regardless of all that, Comediva is no stranger to making viral videos, and that group of girls has a reputation for rockin some serious comedy.

This video showcases the funniest little love story that you’ll see today. It features G-Male and Siri and their true love for one another. I have to admit though; the references in this to BlackBerry, AOL and Yahoo had me laughing the hardest. The best part is, all this stuff is so true, which makes it even better. This video is a follow up to Comediva’s viral hit “G-Male,” which imagined Google’s version of the perfect boyfriend. According to Twitter, @comediva is comedy with brains and boobs. You can learn more about them on facebook or their website. This is very well done! It’s the best four minutes and 45 seconds I’ve spent today.




Via: [The Daily What]