The Sexy Marlboro Man Style Case For Your New Gadgets

I’m not normally the kind of person that thinks much about the case I carry my gadgets in. When I received the standard Apple iPad case in the mail, I actually thought it was kinda nice. However, after seeing these beautiful, soft, luxurious, sexy leather pouches, my standards have changed. I love these!

I don’t know if it’s the worn scratched up look or if it’s the whole Indiana Jones and Marlboro Man feel, but I just want to reach out, pick one up and smell it. I’m sure it has that leather smell that we all love so much. These are the kind of cases that will only get better over time. Each scratch and mark will only add to its personality and charm. They are created by Saddleback Leather Co. and are perfect for your kindle, iPad, digital camera, power supply, iPod, laptop, etc…

[via limitedhype]