The Tree Urinal – The Next Generation Porta Potty

Have you ever been at a concert or sporting event and had to pee really, really bad? I drink a lot of water, and this is pretty much the story of my life. I spend so much time standing in lines at porta potties.

Apparently designer Sam van Veluw feels the same way. He designed this next gen porta potty, which is basically a urinal that straps to a tree. Yes, I’m for real. There is even a way this can be connected to a central sewer system or infiltration system.

As you can see, I don’t think a woman would be able to use this. His argument for that is that since so many men would just walk up and pee on the tree, the lines will be shorter at the porta potty, which is the advantage to women. My next question is, as a man, would you really just whip it out at a big event and pee on a tree? That could be the new standard to decide if a guy is date-worthy. If he uses this, he’s out. Haha! Oh, and isn’t there a law against indecent exposure? Hmm… to each his own!

[via Aandeboom, Inhabitat]


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    Brett 8 years

    My next question is, as a man, would you really just whip it out at a big event and pee on a tree?

    Simply because the P-Tree was placed there for that purpose, it’s an invitation to come and pee in it. I would use it. I’m sure many guys would, too. The funny part is that I would never just pee on a tree in that situation; the fact that the device is there pretty much tells us: “It’s okay to pee here.”

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    James W. Wingate 7 years

    There are exceedingly few who are not prisoner to toilet modesty, as well it should be. Who among us in the USA would calousedly espouse sexual and eliminatory organs of either or both sexes being openly displayed in toiletry or sexual activities? Although most among us would not panic or faint dead away if confronted by such an unusual or disturbing public display – or caught up personally in it! – we still desire privacy to be the personal environment for our and others’ human bowel and or bladder eliminations. There is a time and place for everything “human”; we are created to be that way. The human experience being what it is, we all have to “Go Potty” rather frequently. Emotionally balanced folk can make allowances for jarring sights, smells, and bodily sounds; but we probably should feel sympathetically uncomfortable for those so personally, immediately and unfortunately affected or caught up in them.

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    Mark E 4 years

    Where can I get one and how much do they cost?