The TRON Inspired Interactive Skateboard Ramp

I never knew until recently how many people are huge fans of TRON! I haven’t seen the new movie yet, but I plan to check it out this week. TRON inspired designs, pictorials, gadgets and apps have been showing up all over the Internet every since TRON: Legacy was released. Even Playboy got in on the action and created a TRON-inspired editorial, which in my opinion, is stunning. You can check that out on the Playboy website.

However, for the sake of this article, it’s all about skateboarding. My son, who just turned ten, is all into skateboards. I’ve learned more about skateboards and ripstiks from him in the past few months than I ever thought I’d know. This isn’t just a regular skateboard ramp. It’s a brilliant interactive design! This TRON inspired interactive skateboard ramp was unveiled in Melbourne at the IMAX theatre a few days ago. An interactive design company called Eness created this to celebrate the movie’s premiere. The colors, shapes and lights are all spectacular. According to the Eness website, this is the world’s first extreme 3D projection. How did they do it? Each rider is wearing an iPod that has a custom app, which measures his or her air time. That app initiates the graphics while they are in the air and upon landing. Love it!

Tron Legacy Premiere – A Light Session from ENESS on Vimeo.

[via Gadgetzz]