This Guy 3D Printed His Own Skateboard And It Is Awesome!

The 3D printing community just keeps growing stronger and with it the different things you can print. Each day we see headlines all around the world telling us about something new that has been 3D printed. The advancements in this industry are staggering and with each breakthrough something new is thought up. There simply seems to be no limits to what can and can not be 3D printed. We’re still waiting for the day to arrive when we all get to shop online and just download the blueprints to the purchased product and just print it out on our 3D printer instantly. When that day arrives, only time will tell.

For some people however the constant waiting poses no problem as they simply go and do it anyway, inevitably pushing the 3D printing technology forward. One of those is Sam Abbot, an infinitely skilled fella that simply won’t submit to the boundaries presented to him.

The board, a twin tip skateboard, was conceived after Sam had won a 3D printing competition co-hosted by 3D Print Uk and CGTrader. The guys had a few weeks to spare, so they decided to create the world’s first 3D printed skateboard. The build might look simple when you look at the video, but as the board was larger than their 3D printer could print, they had to cut it up into three pieces. This, of course, posed a problem with durability. To some extent they solved this by adding connector pins to ensure accuracy and to give it some strength over a simple butt joint.

The 3D printed skateboard is definitely ridable, as can be seen in the video below, however, as the creator puts it, “Is it ride-able? Yes… but I wouldn’t drop down many sets of stairs on it just yet!”

From a design perspective the board is flawless, creative and fun. The execution of it is pristine, and you can only begin to image what can be 3d printed in a few years from now after having seen this build. The company wants to make it clear however that this is in no way a commercial product and that they don’t see themselves becoming the first skateboard company in the world to start producing 3D printed skateboards. This is just a fun project or an art piece to demonstrate the unlimited possibilities when using a 3D printer. You have to wonder though, how long is it going to take before we see products like these being printed and made available to us consumers? This is for sure making all of use here at Bit Rebels excited!

Sam Abbot’s Awesome 3D Printed Twin Tip Skateboard

First 3D Printed Skateboard

First 3D Printed Skateboard

First 3D Printed Skateboard