The Ultimate Golf Simulator

Move over Tiger Woods! I was on holiday this week visiting family in my hometown. Part of my time at home always includes visits to some of the most remarkable golf courses. There is nothing better than strolling on the pristine grass at the Augusta National. It’s the only time I check my shoes for dirt before walking on the grass. Then I thought, what would someone do if they wanted this experience every day? Guess what? You can! Check out this groundbreaking indoor golf simulator.

For around US$50,000, the “Full Swing Golf Simulator” will allow you to play the same courses as the pros from the comfort of your own home. That may sound like a lot of money; however, when you consider the cost of a sports car or private country club dues, you can start to understand how some people are able to rationalize the cost. This particular simulator is being included in many high-end homes all over the world.

Choose the time of day you want to tee off, and experience the fantastic animations. See the grass blow in the wind, see the waves crash, see the weather change, in other words, you’ll feel like you are really there!

According to, here are some of the features of this simulator:
Custom Sizes Available
System Design Integration and Installation
Play Golf on Over 50 of the World’s Greatest Courses (including my fav, St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland)
Compete Online in Tournaments Around the World
Exclusive Real Time, Seamless Ball Flight – No Delay
Easy to Use Intuitive Touch Screen Control (modeled after the iPhone)

According to, “It uses a Windows-based PC and a video projector to provide a view of the current hole and course. Two 360-degree curtains of infrared beams, emitted at 60,000 pulses per second, provide exact and immediate ball-flight statistics.”

Just from a technology perspective, I think this is so cool! I don’t play golf; I just love walking on golf courses. They are landscape masterpieces to me, like fine works of art. But, if I did play golf, I might have to save my pennies for one of these!