The Ultimate Scale That Out Scales All Other Scales

Here on Bit Rebels we’ve reviewed scales (mostly mean ones) before, but honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite like this. Truthfully, this is not one of my favorite subjects. I mean who really cares about something that reminds you that you shouldn’t have washed down that bacon cheddar burger and fries with two pints of Bass Ale for lunch. No we are not fans of anything, let alone fancy technology, that tells you; you are getting fatter. However, this is an amazing piece of technology that is actually worth getting excited about.

What’s not to love about the scale that scales? The Scale2 on Behance Network has built in biometric scanners to differentiate each user and automatic orientation adjustments just in case you forget to step on it the right way. It also keeps track of your progress so it will alter the color of the display in accordance with your weight gain or loss. In addition, it is adjustable so that you can verify the weight of your luggage prior to leaving for the airport.

Most importantly, this thing is stylishly cool. I think even your dog will think this scale is cool, or at least he/she will appreciate not having to go to the vet for a weight check. Honestly, I doubt your dog will care about the bluetooth connection and associated mobile app, but I am sure you will. Ultimately, I believe that this scale might actually make me want to use it, well, at least once or twice before the novelty wears off. Thankfully, it doesn’t send out automatic tweets or facebook updates with your progress.

image of scale2 operational modes

Image Credit: [Behance]