The Vending Machine That Rewards A Smile!

Vending machines make it really convenient for us to buy what we need instantly. Vending machines usually carry cigarettes, soft drinks, candy, etc… I was in a meeting earlier today, and we were shown the newer lines of vending machines that are now available for brands to use as a way to showcase their products.

There is one vending machine that really caught my attention. Thank you to @leahbesajimenez who shared the link. What makes this vending machine different is that it is equipped with a face recognition camera/software. It recognizes if the person is smiling or not. If the person is smiling, then he or she is rewarded with an ice cream! Watch the video and see for yourself how to make use of technology. It makes it user experience centered, thus allowing engagement and interaction among the users.

Unilever Vending Machine “Share Happy” from Sebastian Garn on Vimeo.