The Wonka Elevator Is Now A Reality!

If you were one of the people that was amazed by the insanely awesome elevator in the end of “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” or the original movie “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” and wished your heart out for it to become a reality, you’re in luck. A couple of hot air balloon enthusiasts have created what most people would think of as a “too-scary-to-try” basket. It’s constructed out of a regular woven basket, but the bottom of it is transformed and replaced with a thick hardened glass plate.

It works like a regular hot air balloon, but with the exception that it gives you the feeling that you are watching the world from nothing but the soles of your shoes high up in the air. With a bit of imagination, you would certainly find yourself feeling like you’re riding the “Wonkavator.”

The question is, would you trust the build and actually take a ride in one of these amazing hot air balloons? It would give you a memory that would last a lifetime, if the bottom of the basket will hold you that is. If you are too chicken to go on a trip in this Wonkavator, then you can just watch this inspiring video that was shot during the descent of the balloon. If the height doesn’t scare you, the landing might. This one looks a little rough if you ask me, but what the heck right…