The World’s Cheapest and Slowest Porsche GT3!

As a kid, I was heavily impressed with the look and speed of the Porsche 911. I silently watched as they drove by every now and then and admired their beauty and rawness. Some kids had a poster of them on their wall, but I never got that extreme when it came to cars. Like every kid, I dreamed about one day owning my own Porsche 911 which I would cruise around in, feeling all blessed. Even though those dreams have come and gone and developed into other more important things, I am still quite impressed with all the updates that the Porsche consistently incorporates.

Therefore, when I saw this highly interesting new breed of Porsche, I started laughing, and I laughed for quite some time. The images are odd and after reading about it and watching the clip, it was clear that I had found the new king of the road. This time, it’s a LOT slower than the original.

This Porsche is handmade, and it has no engine. Nope, you have to peddle your way around cause it’s a Porsche Bicycle. Yeah, you heard it right. The awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Everything about this Porsche is absolutely astonishing. Imagine taking your Porsche to school when you’re in 6th grade. That is sure to impress your friends. After all, it’s even entirely environmentally friendly.