The World’s Fastest School Bus Does 367 Mph!

I never had to take the school bus to school when I was younger. I simply put on them shoes and went on my merry way to the land of knowledge. However, for those that did ride the bus, I’m sure it must have been a ride of many emotions before getting to school each and every day. However, how fast did you really get there? I mean, in today’s security aware society, the buses are probably doing what? …10 mph at most or do we have some daredevils out there that are actually stupid enough to break the speed limits?

Paul Stender, a part of the gang Indy Boys Inc, who built this insanely fast Jet Bus, said he wanted to build this bus because of two reasons. First, because it’s a Jet Bus, and it will probably entertain a bunch of people. Secondly, to get kids to understand drugs are not cool, Jet Buses are. It’s a noble and true standpoint if I may say so myself.

So what is this bus capable of and how does it all work? Well, the bus recently clocked 367 mph and is built (of course) out of a real school bus. However, it’s fitted with a jet engine that is bursting out a fire plume the size of Arizona. Whether it’s safe to take this particular school bus to school does; however, seem very unlikely.