The World’s First Elastic Data & USB Cables

Have you ever wondered how data cables might be easier to work with if they were made out of a stretchy elastic material? I never thought about that until I saw this today, and now I can think of a million different applications.

Asahi Kasei Fibers recently released the world’s first elastic electric data and USB cables. Not only will this take the wearable electronics industry to a whole new level, it will also allow robots to look even more human. Think about it… Instead of them having awkward wires sticking out from their bodies, they will have clean, sleek wires that move with them and that fit flush up against their robotic skin.

Also, we’ve seen a lot about wearable computers in the news lately. People are always trying to make technology more accessible and more integrated with our lives, and this will certainly further enhance those efforts since having elastic cables opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I imagine this could take gaming to a whole new level too. When you see the elastic wire in this video, it looks like a simple string, or maybe a thick shoelace. Technology is just so cool!

Stretch Electric Cables and Wires

Stretch Electric Cable and Wires

Via: [The Awesomer] [Winextra]