Things To Plan For When Starting A Blog

Just a few decades ago, ‘blogger’ wasn’t a viable career option – or even a word. But the modern internet has given rise to an entirely new category of specialized writers, and it’s easy to see why so many might be attracted to a career of this kind.

Bloggers can set their own hours, choose their own subject matter, and don’t have to answer to an editor (that is unless they decide to hire one). If you’ve got the expertise, and you’d like to share it with the world, then the career can be a rewarding one.

To get your blog off to the best possible start, it’s worth putting in a little bit of groundwork. Let’s run through a few of the steps to take.

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What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website to which written content is regularly added. It tends to be informal in tone, which is what distinguishes it from magazine articles. You can publish as often as you like, but consistency will bring more readers back for more, more often.

How Can You Make Money With A Blog?

Bloggers can make money in a whole range of different ways. The most obvious of these is adverts – but these require traffic in order to be viable. You might collate your writings into a book and sell it, or market affiliates and be paid a commission by the company selling the product or service. Or, you might ask your readers to pay a regular fee via a service like Patreon.

Planning Your Blog

So, what preparation is necessary before you get your blog off the ground?

First, you’ll need to decide what you’re going to write about. This should be informed by your expertise and your passion. You’re going to be writing about the same subject regularly, so it’s vital that you know and care about it.

Next, you’ll need a blogging platform. There are plenty to choose from, many of them offering powerful customization options. You’ll also want to look at hosting. A good URL will help to establish your blog’s brand, and make it more likely that would-be readers will give you their time.

You’ll need to know how you intend to monetize your blog, and what kind of return you expect. This should ideally be detailed in your business plan – if you have one. It might be that you need outside finance to get your idea off the ground, in which case an open banking platform might be attractive.

Finally, it’s time to plan your upcoming content and start writing it. The extent to which you plan in advance will depend on the type of content you’re writing. If you’re dealing with fast-moving subjects, like current events, then advance planning might be impossible. If you’re doing deep dives into subjects about which you know a great deal, then taking the extra time might be worthwhile.

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