The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!

They get higher and higher each day and architects have stumbled over new problems that might make building them even higher almost impossible. It’s not really the structure of the building that limits the height. It’s also not the forces of nature that keep architects from constructing and drawing ever higher buildings. It’s actually the ground underneath it all that is the true problem.

Someone once told me that Mount Everest couldn’t have been any higher cause the ground beneath it would collapse or crumble due to the mountain’s weight. It’s the same problem with high rises really. The buildings need new materials to hold their weight at the base in order for it to reach over the limits that are set today. Some people have suggested that spreading out the weight in a more pyramid like building would eliminate the problem, but then the base would be of epic proportions and the building would no longer be able to be constructed in a large city area.

What should we do then? Well, architects are working on a new idea where the buildings come in blocks instead of heavy steal and concrete. It’s all part of a new concept that is being developed. It’s faster too. The parts just get delivered to the location where the building is to be built, and it’s all assembled. Easy as that.