This Is Jada: The First Working Badminton Robot In The World

Sports have always been the main activity for kids to get their butts out the door. For grown-ups, it’s a bit different since with age we seem to slow down on the activities a little and become couch potatoes. But with technology changing, we are getting some really cool and nifty things that will once again rock our bodies to the rhythm of exercise.

Take Wii for example, it’s one of the first console gaming systems to make us stand up from the couch and actually do something instead of just using our thumbs. Then we have the wonderful and new Kinect, which is starting to gain superior ground over pretty much any other similar device. With all the hacking going on with it, and all the custom created software that brings new uses to Kinect, I think we’ll see a heck of a lot more of Kinect in the very near future.

However, there is one device that beats all the others. Why? Because it won’t alter the way we do the thing it does. Kinect and Wii both let us simulate sports like bowling, tennis and what have you. But the new and awesome Jada robot actually doesn’t change anything. Jada is the first autonomous badminton robot, and it will kick your butt many times over!

There is a lot that can be said about this robot, but the main thing is that it is super fast. Whatever angle, altitude or speed you pass that ball over the net, the robot will return the ball in a place that will have you running to catch up with it. So, if people are trying to create robots that beat the best team in football by the year 2050… well then this one has already reached its destination, and that’s 39 years ahead of time. Geekilicious!

Via: [Gadgetlife]