This Is The First GPS Dated Back In The Early 1900s

Who would have thought that the first GPS was dated way back to the early 1900s. Of course, it’s a ploy, but it looks so flippin cool that I would (if I would have lived during the time) loved to have one on my Ford wagon back in those days. Imagine just pimpin out with the first GPS… ever. People would have been so impressed, and I wonder if they even would have been able to understand the impact it would have on the world.

With just a couple of turns of the rolls, you’re all good to go. See, these things come with a set of rolls based on the geographical location where you are based from. Just hook up that box with the right roll, and you will never again get lost on the road to the store a few miles away.

The GPS was actually first conceived during the 1940s, and they were ground based. The system was later used in World War II in 1956. The satellite based ones were conceived and introduced by the US Government back in 1973. I wonder what the world would look like if we never had this clever and ultimately important little device. It would be awesome to have one of the old ones installed in your car. It would certainly geek out that ride of yours and guarantee a heck of a laugh when someone saw it, and how it works.

The wrist worn one is even one step cooler I think. It comes with four rolls of location based maps that you just slip in there and away you go. If that’s not geeky I don’t know what is.