This Is The Way Geeks Should Carry Their Money!

When we shop these days, we rarely see people carrying cash anymore. Most of the time they either use their credit cards or they shop online and use paypal or other services similar to that to make their purchases. However, if you are like me, and still a bit of an old school wallet carrying person, then you are in for a treat. I found this cool wallet called the Dot Matrix wallet. It is available for USD$14.99.

True geeks will love to be reminded of the codes and numbers that we work with all the time. I am not really that into wallets since I usually just stash my cash in my bag. However, since I carry two big bags, and I’m often in a hurry, carrying a wallet would be better. I wouldn’t have to rummage through my clutter of things just to get cash. The fact that I love the design is a bonus.

The Dot Matrix Wallet is blue and white, 3 3/8 inches wide by 10 inches long, open. It sports two generous card slots for your credit cards, gym membership card, driver’s license, or video-game rental cards, plenty of room for cash and receipts and even hides a secret pocket on the side! Random numbers adorn the outside and inner folds.

Note from Think Geek: Extremely clever monkeys out there may notice that the 3,000 numbers printed on the surface of the wallet aren’t really all that random, but bear a striking resemblance to a certain number pattern.