Timehop: Tells You What You Did Online A Year Ago

It’s amazing how much information we all keep posting, submitting and sharing on the Internet each day. Over all the platforms and services we all use, I am sure the content can be counted in several megabytes. It can be everything from a Facebook Like to a simple comment on someone’s forum or website. Some people feel it’s a security risk, while others feel it is necessary for the Internet to evolve. Either way, it’s a necessity in order to pretty much do anything on the Internet today, and there is really no other way to get around it. Your IP address is shared and recorded at some point, even if you just visit a news website for example.

If you would be interested in researching your past and getting it in bite-sized bits and pieces, I would definitely recommend Timehop. It’s a really cool, fresh and free service that will give your days a really interesting and fun start. What this service is basically about is that you will be able to see what you did online exactly one year ago from today. It means that after you have typed in a little sign-up information about yourself, you will get an email sent to you each morning which will tell you what you did on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare for example.

It will bring with it a lot of interesting perspectives, and if you are a brand, this thing can be a walk down memory lane each and every day. It will tell you your progress and how much you have developed your service or online activity since then. It’s one of those odd candidates for success, I know. However, it has blown up like nothing else and there are literally boatloads of people using it right now. So, if you want to know and measure your online activity exactly one year ago every day, Timehop is the ONE service that will do that for you.

Timehop Online Memory Lane Service

Via: [Neatorama]