TITAN NOC With Artificial Intelligence Analysis In Production Operation

(CAMARILLO, CALIF) – Oasis Technology, provider of the leading TITAN anti‐hacking device, announces the new NOC availability of the TITAN data warehouse.

Since its rollout, TITAN has blocked over 23 billion world‐wide hack attempts at multiple installations. To date, no hacking attempt (DDOS, ransomware or otherwise) has penetrated any of the TITAN installations.

Since inception, the TITAN system has been aggregating all attack attempts into its data warehouse repository.

This very large data repository provides a basis for full analysis of all intrusion attempts, regardless of customer or date.

Initial AI analysis of the data warehouse has helped TITAN customers pinpoint leaking firewalls that were broadcasting internal traffic to the outside.

Additionally, analysis of the broad spectrum of data has allowed TITAN to remotely install additional rules to protect TITAN customers.

This new feature takes the TITAN device from a device into a fully combined device‐and‐cloudbased solution.

The beauty of this solution is that TITAN works seamlessly with all existing firewalls. Firewalls make decisions on smaller data samples and patterns, sometimes on the basis of hours. The TITAN device makes decisions on larger data samples and patterns, in the order of many days. The TITAN data warehouse can now help the TITAN unit make decisions based upon many months of patterns across multiple customers,” stated Mr. George Baldonado, President, and CEO of Oasis Technology.

This new addition takes the TITAN solution from a device solution to a hybrid device and cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with any network. This makes the combination of any firewall, the TITAN unit, and the TITAN data warehouse the complete intrusion protection solution for any company, group, or organization”, added Baldonado.

One very significant and surprising issue that has been discovered by this analysis is the sheer number of networks that are broadcasting private information out into the Internet. Ironically, network managers are focused on keeping the bad guys out but no one is paying attention to the internal information being leaked out. This is a very surprising discovery detected by the TITAN AI analysis system, ” closed Mr. Baldonado.

For more information: Oasis Technology, Inc, 601 Daily Drive, Suite 226, Camarillo, CA 93010, (805) 445‐4833, georgeb@oasistechnology.com, www.oasistechnology.com, www.ipstitan.com.

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