Too Busy To Read Your Tweets? – This Teddy Bear Can Help

There have been many ridiculously gimmicky trinkets created over the past few years that incorporate Twitter. This one is no exception; however, it’s so darn cute I would probably buy one if I saw it in a store.

Do you need help reading your Twitter stream because you follow so many people? Do you feel like you need an assistant just to keep up with it all? This adorable little teddy bear wants to help you.

This appropriately colored blue and white bear combines with an iPhone app to access your Twitter account. Then Yaratta (that’s his name) will read all the tweets in your Twitter stream out loud to you. Aww… it kinda sounds like a Twitter bedtime story, doesn’t it? In addition to being a cute and cuddly tweet reader, he will also tweet for you. What will they think of next? This little guy won’t be available until October. Wanna take a guess where he will be launched first? Yep, Japan.

[via slipperybrick, main image source]