Tools Of The Trade – 5 Handy Pieces Of Tech You Need In Your Kitchen

As is the case in almost every other aspect of our lives these days, technology has infiltrated the kitchen. Now, you can prepare great-tasting food in less time and with less hassle than ever before thanks to the wealth of smart gadgets designed to assist novice and expert chefs alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of tech you need in your kitchen right now.

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1. Induction Cookware

Like most people, you’ve probably already heard of induction cooking, which requires an induction cooktop as well as induction cookware in order to work.

An induction cooktop produces a magnetic field between the pan and the magnetic coils located beneath the stove’s surface. Many cooks, both professional and amateur, prefer induction cooking because:

  • It’s more energy-efficient than electric or gas;
  • Food heats faster and more evenly;
  • The stovetop stays cool, and;
  • The burners respond faster to changes made to the temperature.

2. Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide, a process by which you vacuum-seal food in a plastic bag and submerge it in a hot water bath, is something that until recently was only available to professional chefs in high-end restaurants.

Thanks to modern technology, however, many home cooks can now have sous vide machines in their own kitchens. There are many machines on the market today – most connecting via Bluetooth or WiFi to a smartphone app so you can monitor cooking progress and get alerts when your food is cooked to absolute perfection.

3. Electric Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker was invented in the 1600s and not much has changed since then in terms of how pressure cookers work. You have a sealed pot and lots of steam pressure, which results in yummy, juicy food in less time than non-pressurized cooking produces.

What has changed, however, is the ability of today’s pressure cooker to do it all. From slow cooking to braising to rice cooking and more, these machines are a multi-purpose appliance that eliminates the need for many of your old countertop appliances.

What’s even better is the fact that these electric pressure cookers have an array of smart programs installed to make preparing delicious food as easy as dropping in the ingredients, setting the dial, and walking away until it’s done.

4. Smart Cooking Thermometer

There’s no doubt you need a meat thermometer if you want to cook the perfect cut of meat. If you want to cook the perfect cut of meat without having to constantly monitor it, however, you need a smart cooking thermometer.

With a smart thermometer, you simply place the probe, cook the meat, and wait for the notification that tells you when it’s done. The thermometer works via Bluetooth over a smartphone app that has recommended temperatures for a wide range of meat doneness levels.

5. Smart Coffee Maker

For those who can’t start the day without a cup of joe, there are several smart coffee makers on the market to make life more bearable. Complete with features from smartphone app grind and brew customization to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, your morning coffee has never tasted better or been easier to make.

Technology has a way of making life easier, and when it enters the kitchen, the ease of use and convenience it brings is definitely a welcome addition. If you’re looking to bring your kitchen up-to-date, consider adding one or all of the handy pieces of technology highlighted above.

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