Top 10 Companies Started In A Garage [Infographic]

Some of the world’s largest companies were created as a solution to a personal problem. Others were started just because the idea seemed to be too good to just dismiss. But it’s when a company was started in a garage and becomes globally successful that we start to be really impressed. The fact that you can start something in such a small way and build it into something that the entire world knows about is just mind-boggling. There have been millions of startups that have been inspired by this, and that is one of the most dedicated reasons why we have so many successful technology companies today. Do you know which companies were started in a garage? Have a look at this list of the top 10 companies started in a garage, and you’ll be ultimately inspired.

Most of us know that Apple was started in a garage, and that it grew to become the most successful company in the world. However, there are far more companies than that which were started in a garage that should really inspire us just as much. This top 10 companies list infographic (presented by aaaremotes) called the Top 10 Companies Started In A Garage (yes, exactly like the title of this article) is a list of companies that we have all gotten to know throughout the years. The fact that they all had humble beginnings shows us that anything is possible with dedication and inspiration.

Bit Rebels was started in my bedroom on my old crummy HP laptop computer and now, three years later, we welcome over 2.5 million people to our website every month and counting. You don’t have to have a state of the art factory or a super computer to create something that people will come to like. It’s about the dedication and the love for your idea which is the only part you need to constantly nourish. Never giving up on what you believe in, no matter what anyone says, is what is going to separate you from the people who don’t follow through on their ideas.

Whether it is a garage, your teenage room or your iPad, you can create and become a part of the top 10 companies that went multinational if your idea is worth keeping in your heart. The means to get there is always available to you if you look hard enough. Solutions don’t have to be just money to buy new things. Solutions are whatever will take you from your current position to a better one, even if you have to ask friends and family members for favors or borrow the wi-fi connection at your local cafe. All your solutions are at your disposal, always. You just might not instantly see them.

This is the main reason why we don’t have more top 10 companies that go multinational in the world. Some people simply don’t have the dedication to sit down and really focus hard on how things can be solved, despite the grim outlook sometimes. Becoming a part of the top 10 companies that went multinational is not easy, we all know that, but it’s not impossible either. This list of top 10 companies that were started in a garage should be proof enough of that. Your dream doesn’t end when your wallet is empty. It starts when solutions are discovered that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Never stop dreaming.

 Inspiring Startup Infographic – Top 10 Companies

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