Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone Cases [Infographic]

So you buy yourself an iPhone, and then you go and accessorize it the best way you can with a case to put your own touch on it, but then what? You can customize the apps you have as well. That’s kind of what made the iPhone so popular when it was first introduced. The App Store has grown to house an almost ridiculous number of applications, but there are a few things that you might not know about your iPhone. This article is about the top 10 things you might not know.

To start with, if you think you know all about your iPhone case, you could be completely wrong. This top 10 things list might reveal quite a lot about your iPhone case actually. Well, not your iPhone case per say, but one thing that you might not know is that iPhone cases are by far the most popular accessory people buy for their smartphones. It’s not such a surprise maybe, but it’s still quite an interesting fact.

One thing that is on this top 10 things list that I didn’t know is that more than half of all iPhone owners own more than one case for their iPhone. Suddenly I understand why so many companies try to push out their “original” iPhone cases for us to buy. I just wish there was a statistic on this list that said iPhone cases were more technologically advanced than they actually are. There are far too many iPhone cases that are just that, cases. Why not add some cool additional features within the case that will take the iPhone to new heights? I guess that is something for iPhone case manufacturers to think about, right?

This Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone Cases is an infographic presented by Shutterfly. It is slam packed with cool information about iPhone cases. Sure, it might not be your iPhone case, but you are still a part of this infographic whether you like it or not. I have already said it a few times in this article, but I am going to say it again. With all these iPhone cases sold, why is there no manufacturer that takes all their profits to create a more advanced iPhone case?

It’s something that might just make that particular case as popular as the iPhone itself. We would certainly feature it here at Bit Rebels. So, if you are a manufacturer that has developed a super cool, technologically advanced iPhone case, don’t hesitate to hit me or anyone else up on Bit Rebels for a little review.

Shutterfly’s Top 10 Things Unknown About iPhone Cases

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