Top 5 iPhone Gadgets for Autumn

For all of us who love their iphones, and will admit – publicly, that you spend more accessorizing your iphone,  than buying toys for your pet, check out these fun geek gadgets for Autumn.


Now you can zoom in when you are taking photos with your iPhone.  The mobile phone telescope comes with its own 3G iPhone case and is available for $19 from Brando


The H2O Audio Amphibx features a touch screen on the case so you can control your iPhone under water. Its has a sealed connector for your headphones, and the device will  float on water , available for $80 from H2O Audio

aUltra case Carve synthetic leather cool iPhone cases_red black_images

One of the coolest cases around, Ultra Case has a variety of fantastic cases, textures and colors. Carve is available for $24.99 from ultra cases


Get ready for winter with iPhone Dot Gloves. Tiny ‘dots’ on the fingertips make using your iPhone easy. Available in September for $15 from


A distinctly iMac appearance, the iCooly stand swivels 90° to allow you to orient your Touch to suit your activities. Always handy and in style, available for $34.99 at MacMall