Top 7 Features Why One Should Choose Selenium Training Course

In the present scenario, the need for software testing is prevalent, based on the fact that software now dominates the technology world and the success of a particular software product decides the business growth and objectives of the developing company. To achieve a smooth and flawless execution of web applications, software needs to be tested before it is deployed.

Selenium, an open-source but powerful tool, is specially designed for automation of web browsers across multiple platforms. It helps in quick and efficient testing of dynamic web applications and software by testing the code before the deployment. This feature helps in reducing the chances of failure of the web application and is very important for any business or organization.

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Automation testing has taken center stage in recent years because of the many advantages it offers over manual testing, the other option available for software testing. Which also explains the popularity that automated testing tools such as Selenium enjoy.

Selenium certification training empowers you with the in-depth knowledge of the various concepts of Selenium. It will help you in understanding essential concepts such as TestNG, XPath, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and POM Frameworks, etc.

This training is indeed a golden entry ticket to a promising automation testing career. The training is beneficial for every professional who wants to excel in the field of testing and also for Application Testers who want to explore Automation and even for QA Engineers. Let’s discuss the top 7 features of the Selenium training course which make it the right choice for professionals.

1. Helps In Exhaustive Learning Of Automation Concepts

The training will help the learner in mastering the basic concepts of Selenium along with advanced features and frameworks etc. and he will get to learn how to effectively use available various frameworks for automation of web applications along with integration within the DevOps. The course not only trains you in the sound theoretical knowledge but provides you real-life, industry-based projects along with demo website testing to gain essential practical experience.

2. Your Stepping-Stone To A Testing Career

The course has been designed keeping in mind a beginner to the world of testing. So the curriculum is designed such that anyone can easily pick it up. And it also helps that Selenium as a testing tool has an easy learning curve. So this course is the right stepping stone for you to lay the foundation to a testing career. You can go on to master other tools once you have completed this course and gained the certification.

3. Beneficial For A Number Of Professionals

Not just novices who are entering the world of automation testing but even experienced testing professionals such as Test Managers, Test Lead, Test Engineers, QA, Test Analyst, or Software Developers who want to brush up on their Automation testing fundamentals will benefit greatly from this course.

4. Qualified And Experienced Mentors

The training is provided by certified and highly trained coaches, with many years of coaching and industry experience and proficiency in working with front-end development technology.

5. Brings High Salary For Certified Professionals

Selenium has remarkably eclipsed other testing tools in terms of career opportunities and demand. Many IT companies watch for the candidates empowered with expertise and skills in Selenium which clearly shows a hike in better career scope.

Selenium professionals are getting some of the highest salaries in the industry which is undoubtedly proved by the statistics on The “average salary Selenium Automation Engineer is $94k” which is a reflection of the demand for Selenium professionals.

6. Choose The Best To Beat The Rest Is The Call Of The Day

Selenium training course from a recognized institute not only helps you with the knowledge about automation testing but also expands your career prospects. Be careful while choosing the institute as it is prudent to go for well-recognized names in online training and certification that are widely acknowledged by recruiters from around the world.

7. Certification Adds A Milestone

This training not only provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the tool’s fundamentals but also promotes practical experience which qualifies you for a career as an expert Automation Tester. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to be an expert in many programming languages.

You only need skills in one language, preferably in Java, to take up the course and get skilled in Selenium. The certification adds an extra feather in the crown of holders as it gives you an edge over non-certified professionals. Companies prefer hiring certified professionals.

Getting a Selenium course certification is unquestionably an add-on for any technology expert’s resume, and with the course certification, you can substantiate your expertise in front of your current and potential employers. To add value to your career and excel in the field of testing, choose the best Selenium certification course and enroll today to get set and go!

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