Top 4 Most Affordable Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones have not only become our invaluable pocket-sized friend, but they have quite literally transformed how we live our everyday lives. But even as powerful as your smartphone truly is there are still a number of excellent and well-priced add-on smartphone accessories that can help add another dimension to your device.

Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard

This very futuristic looking accessory is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and projects a cool laser orientated virtual keyboard right across any flat surface. It works with your smartphone or tablet and uses some revolutionary laser technology where your keyboard can get splayed out across the surface of your desk, on your coffee table or even up on your wall. It’s a great way in which to take even more control over your smartphone and is a great add-on feature for gamers in particular who are now able to play their favourite games such as 365 bingo with ease. Not only is it cool, but it’s also one of the most affordable smartphone accessories out there.

Griptight Gorillapod Stand

With smartphone cameras becoming better and better with every new upgraded mobile phone that hits the market and with more and more amateur photographers taking the device more seriously as a superb quality camera there’s no surprise to find a plethora of camera-based smartphone accessories available to you. The GripTight GorillaPod Stand is an incredibly versatile little mount for your phone that will help you place your smartphone in all sorts of positions and places you once thought would be impossible in order to get that perfect snapshot.

Tile Tracker

For those amongst us who are notably absent minded this could be the most affordable and most important accessory out of all these that you will ever own. The Tile ties in with the GPS facility on your smartphone to help you keep track of all your most important belongings. Now your wallet, keys and more can be located in an instant simply by attaching this small smartphone-driven device.

iOttie Mount

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by not being able to use your phone whilst driving and don’t have the car-based compatible on board holders or setups to cater for your particular smartphone to sit neatly on your dashboard? The iOttie Mount can definitely help with that. It comes with a powerful suction cup enabling this little baby to stick to your dashboard and pivot and swivel to a suitable position so you can start using your smartphone’s most useful driving-based features, such as GPS.

Top Most Affordable Smartphone Accessories

Top 4 Smartphone Accessories

Top 4 Smartphone Accessories

Top 4 Smartphone Accessories